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Pregnancy Week 23/24: Home Sweet Home!

29 May, 2015

No matter how badly we wanted to keep touring around Italy, it felt good to come home.

After realizing that jet lag hits you twice as hard when you’re pregnant, rest has been a priority this week as I worked my way back into my regular busy routine.

For those of you that follow me on Instagram and Twitter (@Mikkelson12), you would have seen that we travelled to some pretty amazing places! And it was an incredible trip.

But with a lot of travelling can come a LOT of walking and limited time/access to equipment. As a result, I had to make some modifications to my exercise routine.

Below are my three favourite workouts from around the web that I found useful in maintaining strength and flexibility while travelling.

1. Perfect for a quick strength workout CLICK HERE 

2. Perfect for maintaining flexibility when you can’t make it to yoga CLICK HERE 

3. Perfect for a total-body workout that includes stretching CLICK HERE 


While we were in Tuscany, there was no gym in the little farmhouse where we were staying! I modified my workouts using a hill and my body weight, including the exercises referred to in my blog from Week 17.

For the hill workouts, this targeted cardio, and I altered my speed, whether walking or jogging, to align with the guidelines referred to in my blog from Week 18

On the other hand, while we were in Rome, we had access to a gym, but with limited equipment. So I chose to turn to the workouts above to change things up a bit! I had completed my 6-week training program prior to leaving for Italy, so this was a perfect time to try something different before beginning a new program once I got home.


Since we were doing a lot of walking during our travels, I dialed down my cardio immensely. But I wanted to make sure I would find a way to maintain my strength and flexibility while we were overseas.

No matter where we are, or what we are doing, finding a way to maintain an exercise routine while travelling is not just important for our own bodies, but for the health of our babies.

After taking a few days of rest at home here, I am right back at it in the gym! Follow me on Instagram and Twitter (@Mikkelson12) to see some of the new exercises I am doing as I work my way through the end of my second trimester and into my third.

Please share your comments, stories and your own pregnancy travel fitness routines with me on Twitter and Instagram using @Mikkelson12 and #hockeymom.


Hi Meaghan,
Congratulations ! Just heard the fabulous news, very happy for you. Hopefully you will be back on your skates for Nov 27th HHTH in Vancouver! We’d love to have you play again.
Posted by Heather McCutcheon on 04 June, 2015

You make being preggo look very good!!
Posted by Lyndsay Horrigan on 29 May, 2015

You are looking good. Been following you through Amazing Race, to your trip overseas and thank you for such great entertainment. Also, follow you guys through hockey. Amazing athletes. I gained 12 pounds throughout my entire pregnancy and my daughter weighed 81/2 pounds at term. Me thinks you are probably going to be that lucky as well. Actually my doctor scared the hell out of me when in my 5th month I gained five pounds and only in that month. So, good luck kiddo, I’ll keep watching twitter and instagram to keep up with you.
Posted by Betty on 29 May, 2015

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Pregnancy Week 23/24: Home Sweet Home!