Canada, Submit Your Baby
Boy Names!

From June 30 through July 5, Canadians are encouraged to follow Meaghan (@Mikkelson12) on Twitter and submit the baby boy name using hashtag #NameMyBaby. On July 6, the Top Eight names from these submissions will be entered into the bracket above.

Live Voting

From July 6, and throughout the summer, fans and those who submitted names can vote in real time on Twitter to determine the names that will advance from the quarterfinals, the semifinals until ultimately only two final names remain.

Voting is Simple

Each name-versus-name face-off will be posted on Twitter on the date that voting opens noted above (@Mikkelson12) and only require a "Like" or "Re-Tweet" to cast a ballot for the name assigned to each action. The winning name at the closing date of voting moves on to the next round.

Baby Name Announcement

On Meaghan's due date, September 25, she'll make a live announcement of the name of her baby boy from the two final names.