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Pregnancy Week 25: FASHIONABLE Pregnancy!

10 June, 2015

I got a little emotional a few weeks ago when I realized that my pre-pregnancy clothes no longer fit.

Then my husband reminded me that I am in fact pregnant and that my clothes shouldn’t fit… DUH! And over the next few days, I became excited about the fact that I would need to update my wardrobe.

I like fashion and I like to look nice but I am not one to spend hours shopping or picking out super trendy outfits that will break the bank. I like clothes that are fashionable yet functional, which is why I have made it a point to make sure that I have what I need on-hand to look and feel good as I move through my pregnancy.

Here are my top 5 tips for a more fashionable pregnancy:

1. Choose FITTED over BULKY

Bulky clothes only make me look bigger.

They are great for hiding pregnancy in the first trimester, but beyond that, they are not very flattering! We are gifted with some amazing curves during pregnancy, and wearing clothes that are fitted to your body will accentuate those curves.

If you opt for a top or dress that has more flow, use a small fashion belt under your bust to show off your new bust and bump. This is a trick I am using even with fitted tops.

2. Show some SKIN & COLOUR!

Be proud of your body during pregnancy.

Those curves and bra upgrades won’t last forever… or so I have been told! If there is one thing I have been taught about self-image as an athlete, it is to be proud of your body and its uniqueness.

Also, wearing more colorful and fun clothes can lift your spirits, and overall helps me feel less frumpy!

3. Have a few GO-TO outfits

Having a few pairs of stretchy leggings or stretchy skinny jeans are perfect for casual days, and easy to reach for when you just need to throw something on. They go great with t-shirts, tank tops, and can be dressed up or down.

4. Layer up!

The weather and your body temperature (hot flashes!) vary during the 9 months of pregnancy. I have found that wearing stretchy t-shirts and tank tops under sweaters, cardigans, or light jackets, has been a great option to stay comfortable and also have the ability to shed a layer when need-be.

5. Be careful with STRIPES!

It is a common belief that horizontal strips make us look wider and bigger, while vertical stripes make us look longer and thinner. But there are now articles debating that horizontal lines can actually make you look thinner! Such as THIS ONE

So which theory do we go with, the original old-school theory or the new-age debunking theory? It comes down to the size of the stripes and how the piece of clothing actually looks on your body. And if you walk into a maternity store, it is practically impossible to avoid horizontal stripes! So go with what flatters your figure best.


As we move through out pregnancies, being comfortable becomes an increasingly important priority. Find a balance between style and comfort that works for you.

Those evenings lounging around the house in our sweatpants are necessary, but so is dressing that bump up every once in a while!

Do you have any other fashion tips for pregnant women? Share them with me on Twitter and Instagram @Mikkelson12 using #HockeyMom or comment below.

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Pregnancy Week 25: FASHIONABLE Pregnancy!